Off Loading Sarens TC2800 Mobile Crane & Equipment Vessel to Quay
  • Project :
    Sarens Mobile Crane & Equipment
  • Agent / Client:
    Pentagon Freight Services / Sarens
  • Workscope :
    Discharge 3 x Reels Empty 50T each Ex Wellstream EX B1036 CAESAR TONGA
    Discharge Sarens TC 2800 Mobile Crane x 14 Lifts
  • Vessel:
    MPP Arrow
    101m Length / Draft 6.1m
  • Location :
    Under Radius of 250Ton SWL Dockside Crane – Shepherd Offshore – Offshore Technology Park – Walker – Newcastle
  • Date / Time Arrival :
    09/11/10 18:05hrs
    Date / Time Departure :
    11/11/10 07:30hrs
    Dayshift / Nightshift

Shepherd Offshore Services Provided :

  • Lifting Plan Review
  • Release Seafastenings
  • Attaching  Discharge equipment
  • Heavy & Abnormal lifting services
  • DeMob fast turnaround

Shepherd Offshore Comments:

Shepherd Offshore offloaded 3 x Empty Reels for Wellstream and removed them from radius of our dockside crane via straddle truck. Sarens Mobile Crane & Equipment was reviewed by all parties and the discharge sequence was agreed. Offloading commenced 15:20hrs of the TC2800 Mobile Crane (96t) and equipment and was completed by 21:35hrs we provided great flexibility working extended hours to ensure our clients targets were achieved in the required sequence and no additional costs were incurred. Vessel sailed at 07:30hrs on schedule.