Rapier-NCK Olympus HC170 Crawler Mounted Liftcrane

Plant/Equipment Type: Crawler Crane

The Rapier-NCK Olympus HC170 is a heavy duty, fully hydraulic crawler mounted liftcrane with dragline and grabcrane conversions. It is designed to meet the long-term requirements of a variety of industries, including Material Handling, Construction and Mineral Extraction. It is available with liftcrane, dragline and grabcane attachments.

The liftcrane can be supplied with taper and off-set boom head configurations.


Taper Head Boom

Main boom with taper head – maximum capacity 90 tonnes (198,450 lb), maximum length 81m

Offset Head Boom

Main boom with offset head – maximum capacity 150 tonnes (330,000 lb) maximum length 63m

Fly Jib Loads

Maximum fly jib gross loads:

15,000 kg (33,075 lb) at 9m

10,000 kg (22,050 lb) at 16.5m

5,000 kg (11,025 lb) at 24m


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