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Being ethical and responsible is a value deeply rooted in the company’s history. Acting on our commitments is about translating the corporate vision and management principles into daily business practices, working with a multitude of stakeholders.

Stakeholder trust is essential. The Company wishes to be perceived as a preferred partner in providing services and facilities to the Energy industries and a leader in economic regeneration and job creation in the region. We are focused on being recognised as a responsible company – by our stakeholders, our employees and in the eyes of the public.

As a leading service provider and developer, we have an approved track record of strategically attracting companies to the region which benefit the local communities and economy. As a responsible business, we continually assess our economic impact on the societies of which we are part of, in order to maximise positive contributions and minimise negative impacts. To remain an employer of choice, we value our people and look to nurture their strengths and develop their competencies. As a good corporate citizen, we act responsibly and behave ethically with integrity and respect towards business partners, people and the environment.

We are individually and collectively accountable for upholding our corporate social responsibility commitments. We encourage participation across our organisation, and we will work with external stakeholders to continually advocate on behalf of the workforce, improve our workplaces, contribute to the communities we serve, and ensure our actions are socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

In accordance with our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policies, we consider operational safety, public health and the environment a responsibility of top priority. We systematically assess in advance the environmental and health risks and impacts of all new projects and developments by following legislation and working in partnership with the regulatory bodies and clients. We work with established partners and implement robust action plans to ensure standards are maintained. Special attention is paid to protecting the biodiversity of the local area.

About Us

We are an established, innovative and driven organisation, working in partnership with employees, suppliers, local government and customers alike and we will stop at nothing to deliver the best solutions and expertise possible. Local teamwork, with global results.

The Company has strategically invested and developed local infrastructure which has directly attracted the Oil and Gas sector, Marine, Renewable Energy providers and Construction Industries to the Region & beyond. All supported and communicated through our many corporate values based on responsible regeneration and partnership working.

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