Case Study




Agent/Clients/Third Parties:
Cory Brothers / Deep Ocean

Operation Type: Reel Loadout
Description of Scope: Loading 2 x Reels & Ancillaries

Edda Freya

Services provided:

  • Lift Design Engineering
  • Pre-arrival Planning
  • Fender Solutions
  • Mobilisation, Positioning and Set-up of Crane
  • Complex Lifting Services
  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Fabrication Solutions
  • Seafastening Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Vessel Support
  • Quayside Assistance

Diagrams & Photos:

Shepherd Offshore Comments:

“Berthed for less than 24 hours, this successful loadout was completed to the scope with no delays, despite the snowy weather conditions. Job well done from the Shepherd Offshore team."

General Manager, Shepherd Offshore


“Credit where credit is due - we’ve had really good feedback from the vessel this morning about your quayside Nightshift Supervisor in particular, who’s been praised by both our Offshore Manager and our Project Engineers for helping to drive the mob forward – thanks for the great support.”

Deep Ocean – Project Manager

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