Case Study

Fast Turnaround Reel Discharge (550T) on Behalf of Baker Hughes

Offshore Technology Park


Agent/Clients/Third Parties:
Baker Hughes Technology

Operation Type: Berthage & Reel Discharge Description of Scope: 325t Hammer Head Lifting 8 x Reels to Quay with a combined weight of 550T. Releasing lashings and seafastenings, and burning 192 D-Rings.


Services provided:

Lift Design Engineering

Pre Arrival Planning

Pre Arrival Set Up

Fendering Solutions

Berthage & Marine Support

Quayside Assistance

Mobilisation, Positioning and Set Up of Crane

Project Management

Plant Hire

Subcontractor Support & Management

Releasing Lashings & Seafastenings

Diagrams & Photos:

Shepherd Offshore Comments:

"Shepherd offshore was tasked with discharging 8 reels for our client Baker Hughes Energy Technology Ltd in a very efficient and safe manner. All our services were tasked with a significant scope, our lifting team had to release hundreds of lashings and our Hotworks specialists had to burn off just under 200 D-Rings.

Our mooring squad berthed the vessel perfectly, allowing our Sir William Arroll 325 Hammerhead to reach every corner of the vessel. With a carefully planned procedure, our burners and grinders set to burning off while our lifting team followed right behind and unlashing as they went. We managed to lift off all 8 in record time, much to our clients delight.

The reels were offloaded onto the quay, with the Baker Hughes straddle truck waiting to collect the reel for repositioning and storage on our quay. In total, Shepherd Offshore provided Plant Hire, AP Support, Complex lifts within a vessel hold, Releasing Team, Vessel and Labour support resulting in a total of over 500te lifted safely and efficiently over the 1 shift".

Projects Manager, Shepherd Offshore


Supervisor’s management, assistance and communication: 5/5
Quayside operational personnel punctuality: 5/5
Quality of service received from the operations personnel: 5/5
Quayside set up & Housekeeping: 4/5
How would you rate our HSE performance? 4/5
Was the job done accurately against the scope? 5/5
Staff’s professionalism and aptitude: 5/5
Staff’s ability to communicate and provide quality support: 5/5
How will you rate our overall quality during the full work scope? 4/5
Would you be confident to recommend SOS to others? 5/5

Supervisor, Baker Hughes

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