Case Study

Heavy Reel (390T) Transfer to load spreading solution and Loadout to vessel on behalf of Technip FMC

Offshore Technology Park

Santos Spartan & SHUR Transportation and Instillation

Agent/Clients/Third Parties:
Gac Services (UK) Ltd / Technip Oceania / Sapura Energy Australia

Operation Type: Discharge and Loadout
Description of Scope: Discharge 1 x reel at 80 tons. Erected towers to lift reel to SPMT, transfer to quay edge with load spreading mat and Loadout 1 x reel at 390 tons to vessel, providing seafastenings and pre quay load spreading.

Jumbo Jubilee

Services provided:

Lift Design Engineering

Pre-arrival Planning

Pre-arrival Set-up

Fendering Solutions

Marine Support


Mobile Crane Support

Plant Hire

Mobilisation, Positioning and Set-up of Crane

Heavy/Abnormal/Complex Lifting Services

Material Handling Solutions

Load Bearing Solutions

Storage Solutions

Transportation Solutions

Seafastening Solutions

Project Management

Logistics Support

Quayside Assistance

Subcontractor Support & Management

Diagrams & Photos:

Shepherd Offshore Comments:

“In the build-up to this loadout, pre-berthage assessments were necessary to determine where the heavy reel (weighing 390T) could be positioned prior to vessel arrival with structural stability and optimal position for loadout. SOS and the client (TUL) collaboration was vital to confirm ground bearing values for quayside load spreading at our Offshore Technology Park facility.

In order for the reel to be positioned on our quay edge, numerous calculations were made to find a solution so the reel weight could be equally proportioned and distributed to stop any damage occurring to our concrete HLP (heavy Load Platform). The solution in which the reel could be situated on our HLP was to position steel load spreading mats to distribute the weight evenly. This weight was over the capacity of our Shoreside Hammerhead crane which required methodical thinking to position the heavy reel on the quay and to allocate a vessel that had the capacity to lift such a weight onboard safely. A solution was decided using a Gantry lock and lift system via Mammoet to load the reel onto SPMT, the SPMT then transported the reel to the HLP. Throughout this entire operation, SOS provided many capabilities including but not limited to Mobile Crane Support, Labour Support and Plant Hire over dayshift and weekend, working to progress this operation to completion. Working hard, the team successfully supported our client on each stage of the project and fulfilled the scope of work. Job well done to all involved for this complex loadout.”

Senior Project Co-ordinator, Shepherd Offshore


Supervisor’s management, assistance and communication: 4/5
Quayside operational personnel punctuality: 4/5
Quality of service received from the operations personnel: 4/5
Quayside set up & Housekeeping: 5/5
How would you rate our HSE performance? 4/5
Was the job done accurately against the scope? 4/5
Staff’s professionalism and aptitude: 4/5
Staff’s ability to communicate and provide quality support: 4/5
How will you rate our overall quality during the full work scope? 4/5
Would you be confident to recommend SOS to others? 4/5

The scope included the mob and demob of a gantry lifting system and SPMT to transport the reel to the quay edge. There were no issues with the operation and the works area was effectively modified with barriers and sub-contractors well managed.

Umbilical’s Internal Logistics Lead, TechnipFMC

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