Case Study

Mobilisation for Respool on Behalf of Technip FMC

Offshore Technology Park

North Idku

Agent/Clients/Third Parties:
Technip FMC

Operation Type: Quayside Operations Description of Scope: Spooling Support

Services provided:

Lift Design Engineering

Mobile Crane Support

Plant Hire

Heavy Lifting Services

Fabrication Solutions

Project Management

Quayside Assistance

Transportation Solutions

Logistics Solutions

Diagrams & Photos:

Shepherd Offshore Comments:

This was a complicated endeavour for Shepherd Offshore involving all of our services, we began by assisting the set-up of under-rollers and tensioners along the quay.

Hotworks provided reel modification and welding complex fabrications to the belly of the reel all with the aim of spooling umbilical to a payoff reel. The packed reel was unspooled and fed onto its temporary home in order to repair a section of the umbilical sheathing.

We employed a wide variety of expertise from our transport solutions, our AP Lift planning and Mobile Crane Support to Hotworks and fabrication. A complex job well done all around and a triumph for the end user.


Supervisor’s management, assistance and communication: 5/5
Quayside operational personnel punctuality: 5/5
Quality of service received from the operations personnel: 5/5
Quayside set up & Housekeeping: 5/5
How would you rate our HSE performance? 5/5
Was the job done accurately against the scope? 5/5
Staff’s professionalism and aptitude: 5/5
Staff’s ability to communicate and provide quality support: 5/5
How will you rate our overall quality during the full work scope? 5/5
Would you be confident to recommend SOS to others? 5/5

Applications Manager, Technip FMC

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