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Products Relocation, Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution Support

Centurion Warehouses

Offsite Storage and Support

Agent/Clients/Third Parties:
Heraeus Conamic UK Ltd

Operation Type: logistical movement, transport, storage and distribution support.
Description of Scope: Transport, offloading and movement of materials to storage solutions. loading of materials and logistical support in distribution. Acquiring and storing of approximately 300 pallets to date and loading and dispatching approximately 160 pallets to date.


Services provided:

Pre-arrival Planning

Plant Hire

Heavy/ Abnormal/ Complex lifting services

Receipt of cargo to facility

Material Handling Solutions

Storage Solutions

Transportation Solutions

Project Management

Logistics Support

Subcontractor Support and Management

Diagrams & Photos:

Shepherd Offshore Comments:

“In the build-up to this project, communication was essential between the client and Shepherd Offshore to ensure logistical and organisational success in receiving fragile products. Planning was also essential to ensure receipt, movement, and storage, before despatching as well.

Shepherd Offshore has so far, co-ordinated 13 different means of transport acquiring 284 pallets of fragile glass products, pallets weighing up to 400kg and loads weighing up to 5tons. Alongside this, we have continued to receive more loads whilst despatching certain loads resulting in an effective supply chain with several moving parts as we have transferred 156 pallets to date.

Working hard, the team successfully supported our clients at each stage of the project and fulfilled all scopes of work. Job well done to all involved in this complex logistical project. We hope to continue this harmonious relationship with a local manufacturer again showcasing North East capability and potential when we work together!”

Head of Transport, Shepherd Offshore


Supervisor’s management, assistance and communication: 5/5
Quality of service received from the operations personnel: 5/5
How would you rate our HSE performance? 5/5
Was the job done accurately against the scope? 5/5
Staff’s professionalism and aptitude: 5/5
Staff’s ability to communicate and provide quality support: 5/5
How will you rate our overall quality during the full work scope? 5/5
Would you be confident to recommend SOS to others? 5/5

Excellent service was provided by the whole team.

Shipping Controller, Heraeus Conamic UK Ltd

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