Case Study

Factory Moved Safely And Efficiently From Clients Facility To Shepherd Offshore

Centurion Warehouses

Factory Machinery Move

Agent/Clients/Third Parties:

Operation Type: Transport and Storage
Description of Scope: Transport, Offloading and storage of 18 units , with a max weight of 17000kg and several pallets to Centurion Warehouse totalling storage space of 6,000ft2


Services provided:

Lift Design Engineering

Pre-arrival Planning

Pre-arrival Set-up (Lifting/transport)

Mobile Crane Support

Mobilisation, Positioning and Set-up of Crane

Heavy/abnormal/complex lifting services

Material Handling solutions

Storage solutions

Transportation solutions

Project management

Logistics support

Diagrams & Photos:

Shepherd Offshore Comments:

“It has been great to see the teamwork safely, efficiently and effectively to transport, offload and store a large volume of equipment from a factory to one of the warehousing facilities that we have available.

Showcasing a wide variety of skills and expertise we worked to the clients’ requirements promptly. Well done to both parties working together on another successful project combining several moving parts.”

Assistant General Manager, Shepherd Offshore


“Shepherd Offshore have ensured a smooth operation from start to finish and myself and Sundolitt are very happy with the project. A big thank you to all Shepherd Offshore Personal involved including behind the scenes. “

Maintenance Engineer, Sundolitt

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