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Posted on March 12th 2020

First Spooling project of 2020

Congratulations to the Shepherd Offshore team for their first successful Spool Loadout of 2020. Working with GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd and TechnipFMC, we worked with vessel HYSY285 on all aspects of the job.

Berthing last month, our Technical team (pictured) worked on this project from creating project plans, to coordinating manpower. The team throughout were a point of contact, meaning they had to be on the ball at every stage. Time management is crucial throughout to ensure we’re working to our client’s needs.

Due to the vessel dimensions, the berthage area needed to be dredged over 15,0003 prior to berthage. This pre-arrival planning made by our office team meant we could work to project needs in a safe and effective manner. Our aim is to help our clients with their projects and work to their needs. Dredging allows Shepherd Offshore to expand on the different vessels we can berth whilst ensuring safety to the vessel and crew.

Although, the success of this Spool couldn’t have been done without our Quayside Operations team. They managed the project by offering their expertise for the lifting and set-up of the umbilical from TechnipFMC to vessel at OTP quay edge. Using our 250T Mobile Crane, Shepherds transferred both ends of the umbilical from the carousel to the quay edge, ready for our 20T Piggyback Crane (attached to our 325T HH Crane) for loadout.

Throughout the project, our Quayside Operators offered support and line watch 24 hours a day, working day and night shifts to complete the scope. Speaking to one of our supervisors, he congratulated the team for the success and smooth running of the project. No break downs occurred, meaning the project was delivered efficiently.

Our next Spooling project begins this Friday, 13th March with an umbilical length of 50km.

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