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Posted on June 18th 2019

Mitford Estate Clay Shooting

Mitford Estate provides bespoke clay shooting events ranging from introductions to the sport for novice teams with no previous experience, to extreme clay shooting for experts.

Recent events held at Mitford include the BASC North Premier Young Shots event and the Durham Cricket Club event. The BASC North Premier Young Shots event has taken place at Mitford for the last four years and also includes a guided tour and educational talk on conservation and the benefit that sporting estates bring to the countryside. Over 50 children between the ages of 7 and 16 took part this year, with refreshments and goody bags being provided.

The Durham Cricket Club event has been taking place at Mitford the last three years, with an increasing number of teams each year; starting with 17 teams of 4 people each, this year saw 33 teams with more than 130 men and women in attendance.

Situated near the A1 and just 20 mins away from Newcastle Airport, Mitford Estate is easily accessible for those who would like to organise similar simulated games days and the experienced estate staff will ensure that it is carried out safely. The estate can provide coaches and instructors, guns and cartridges, gun storage, transport around the shoot, as well as refreshments, overnight stays in the hall and first-class dining with silver service.

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