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Posted on June 29th 2023

Shepherd Offshore Begins Development of Heavy Load Out Platform at Swans Energy Park

Shepherd Offshore are delighted to announce progress in the development of the former Swan Hunter Shipyard. It is Shepherd Offshore’s main goal to bring the once leading engineering hub of the Tyne’s shipyards back into operation, creating opportunities for the local community and surrounding areas.

Part 1 of Phase 1 started in early 2022, when the demolition of the main offices began. The successful demolition was carried out by leading contractor O’Brien Demolition.

Late in November 2022, Shepherd Offshore started with Part 2 of Phase 1, the development of Swans Energy Park and establishment of the new Quay Frontage & Heavy Loadout Platform. Phase 1 of the works at Swans Energy Park are supported by investment from the governments Getting Building Fund. The North East Local Enterprise Partnership is managing £47m awarded through the Getting Building Fund to support capital investment across the North East.

Working with Civil Engineering company Fairhurst, Southbay Civil Engineering, and Elliott Associates. The first phase of the new quayside will provide 50 metres of world class Heavy Load-in & Loadout Quay, with a significant blanket load capability. As well as capacity for the operation of both heavy lift, mobile and crawler cranage capable of lifting e.g. 470Te of cargo at 28metre radii, as part of the movement and storage of manufactured offshore product for use in all offshore sectors. The Quayside can also be utilised by Roll-on Roll-off and jack-up vessels to provide further flexibility in the transportation of manufactured product, with a design dredge capability up to a maximum of 10 metres below chart datum, enabling access to the site for large displacement vessels.

The structure is comprised from tubular steel piles up to 33 metres in length, embedded into the strata below the site, and surface with a reinforced concrete deck to provide a durable working surface. In supplement to this, an initial footprint of landside storage area of comparable storage and heavy-lift capacity will be provided to the rear of the Quayside. Collectively, these upgrading works to the site form the first stage of the redevelopment, and provide a development platform to attract further offshore manufacturing to the River Tyne.

Bruce Shepherd, Chairman, Shepherd Offshore, said:

“Shepherd Offshore remain committed to the River Tyne North Bank Strategic Development Framework Plan (SDFP) by continuing to attract world-class manufacturing and subsequent job creation, whilst also continuing to enhance the region’s expertise. Swans Energy Park will also become a critical artery to the region, with the attraction of responsible regeneration, with their also being a significant focus on connectivity of assets creating an exciting regional offer to the market”

To find out more, please visit the link below:

Press Release 

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