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Services Provided and Sector:

Development management – bought the site and promoted the site for varied use, focussing on maximising land value. Evolving permit used with extensive planning and strategy, transport and logistics in the demolition of existing and site preparation and remediation.

Project Specifications:

Upon acquiring the 150-acre site, we undertook a detailed viability assessment, which determined no viable re-use for the main manufacturing plant and specialist contractors were brought in to demolish the facility and remediate the land.

Phase 1 Residential Development | Jan 2016 – July 2018 Complete

  • Distribution of land to the Western side of the site to a JV Consortium, comprising Bellway Homes (Scotland) Ltd and Persimmon Homes Limited
  • Construction of 225 Residential Units (169 Full Market Sale Units and 56 Affordable Housing Units) including associated drainage, hard landscaping and green spaces
  • Build-out completed 12 months in advance of the preliminary programme

Phase 2 Infrastructure | March 2017 – September 2018 Complete

  • Construction of upgraded main site access to north-east corner and construction of adoptable estate road (Core Road B) including footpaths, cycle ways, street lighting and verge
  • Construction of ‘green boulevard’ from the north-east entrance to the site to Core Road A
  • Construction of main highway drainage sewers for the entire Phase 2 site
  • Construction of main foul water drainage sewer for the entire Phase 2 site
  • Completion of main services for the Phase 2 site including the hotel, office and education land parcels
  • Horsetail treatment works to the entire development area

Phase 3 Infrastructure | June 2018 – Commenced

  • Tree and shrub clearance to the existing landscape bunds along the northern boundary of the site
  • Bulk earthworks to the northern land parcels
  • Preparation of serviced development platforms along the northern boundary for the retail, office and hotel land use

Phase 2 Residential Development | July 2018 – Commenced

  • Terms agreed for the distribution of 18 acres of land to the western side of the site (Southern Section) to a JV Consortium comprising Bellway Homes (Scotland) Ltd and Persimmon Homes Limited
  • Preliminary plans were drawn up allowing for the construction of an additional 193 residential units (145 full market sale units and 48 affordable housing units) including associated drainage, hard landscaping and green spaces.

235 houses have been built, with a potential for 225 more. 2 schools and one college to be built.










Project Team Skills

Logistic support with various parties, with extensive planning and strategy, transport and logistics in the demolition of existing and site preparation and remediation.

Shepherd Offshore Comments

It is one of Shepherd Offshore’s main objectives to create opportunities for local communities and surrounding areas. Through investment and careful planning, our aim is to promote strategic land assembly and we are incredibly proud to help develop this area and introduce schools, colleges and homes. Through this levelling up it has been rewarding to see all the parts coming together whilst working with many parties. Well done so far to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing the final result.

Client Feedback

Communities and councillors have broadly welcomed the plans for both the Dunfermline Learning Campus itself and the community that will surround it.

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