Our Services – Warehousing/Storage Transport

Shepherd Offshore is a leader in the provision and management of transport solutions. Our logistics division includes both our in-house transport fleet and warehousing and storage provision. We focus on assisting our clients to improve planning, safety, efficiency and optimize the time management of their projects.

For over 40 years, the company has supported all sectors of industry with Transport & Logistics solutions for client supply chain needs. With safety at the center of everything we do, backed by experienced and skilled operatives, we aim to deliver a first class service.

Capability & Capacity

With a fleet of versatile trucks, trailers, low loaders, & semi-trailers for normal & abnormal loads supported by specifically commissioned equipment, as well as dedicated customer services, planning, forecasting and management teams, Shepherd Offshore are extremely well rehearsed and capable in carrying out your various transport needs.

We pride ourselves on being versatile; whether you need a one-off scope or full project support, we have the people, capability and capacity to meet your needs.

At a glance

Our transport fleet and capability includes:

  • Full Logistics Planning
  • Project Management Support
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Escort Services
  • Large Modern Fleet
  • Trucks Various Capaities
  • Low Loaders
  • Semi-Trailers
  • Supportive Plant & Material Handling Equipment
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Out of Gauge Loads
  • Ultra-Heavy Haulage (over 150 tonnes)
  • ISO9001, & OHSAS18001 Registered

Heavy abnormal transport routes link both Neptune Energy Park and Offshore Technology Park and provide direct access to major trunk roads, permitting the transfer of products of up to 400T between facilities.

Talk to us

To discuss your logistics needs, call us on +44 (0)191 262 9614 or email headoffice@shepherdoffshore.com

About Us

We are an established, innovative and driven organisation, working in partnership with employees, suppliers, local government and customers alike and we will stop at nothing to deliver the best solutions and expertise possible. Local teamwork, with global results.

The Company has strategically invested and developed local infrastructure which has directly attracted the Oil and Gas sector, Marine, Renewable Energy providers and Construction Industries to the Region & beyond. All supported and communicated through our many corporate values based on responsible regeneration and partnership working.

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